Serpent Red

The BraZen Serpent 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair is sheer class!

This chair has all the features you could want from a sound chair at an incredibly low price! We guarantee you will not find in the UK any new chair with all its features for a comparable price!

This adult sized chair is able to connect to almost any device with an audio out – including all major brands of games consoles, televisions and smart phones.

Immerse yourself in the action of a game, the motion of a movie or the rumble of the music. This chair encompasses genuine vibration feedback functionality – not just a vibe from the bass via a subwoofer – it has a separately controllable vibration motor.

The BraZen Spirit 2.1 Bluetooth Pedestal Surround Sound Gaming Chair is first and foremost a stylish and comfortable piece of furniture.

The chair is foam padded and has padded flip snake arms for added convenience and comfort.

The chair has two quality speakers and subwoofer for super surround sound functionality – it is a genuine multimedia chair – a gaming, cinema and music sound chair all in one!

The chair has vibration feedback functionality which can be separately controlled by the user.

The chair can be connected with the audio cables provided to almost any device with an audio out. It can also be connectected to most devices which have bluetooth functionality for a wireless interface.

This is a pedestal based chair with swivel functionality.

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