BraZen Demon 2.1 Bluetooth and Wireless DAC Gaming Chair is in our opinion by design and performance the best sound chair currently available in the UK!

If you are looking for a chair that is good on the eye, very comfortable to sit in and incorporates a quality sound system and vibration feedback then this is the chair for you.

The BraZen Demon gaming chair offers you three ways to connect to almost any device which creates an audio output (including TV’s; Xbox; PS; Smartphones etc) – hardwired, bluetooth or wireless.

The chair has separately controllable vibration motors which interact with the audio sound to provide a fully interactive experience.

This is genuinely a gaming, cinema and music chair all rolled into one!

The BraZen Demon is a home entertainment chair which can be used for gaming, listening to music, watching a movie or just chilling. The chair will connect to almost any device which creates an audio sound – including Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo games consoles, televisions, tablets and smartphones.

The chair has a control panel which includes:

– ability to separately control volume

– ability to separately control bass

– ability to separately control vibration feedback

– switch for choice of connectivity between bluetooth, hardwired and three wireles channels

– headphone jack

– mains power jack

– USB charging port

The chair has a “tension knob” underneath the chair which allows an adjustment to be made to the rocker motion of the chair.

This pedestal chair has quality padded flip arms and the ability to fold so as to facilitate easier storage and transportation.


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